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5 Ways to Be an Incredible Leader

February 24, 2014

1. Look to lead. Seek opportunities to lead people. Head a team on a small project or lead a volunteer group — anything that will give you some practice.

2. Get your BOD in shape. Create a personal board of directors — people you respect, with whom you can be authentic, and who can help you further your career. Cultivate these relationships, so your mentors become invested in seeing you thrive.

3. Impress yourself first. Think about what will knock your socks off before you think about giving other people what you think they want from you. When we are working to make ourselves proud of our own effort and for the joy of it, we break the mold and produce extraordinary results.

4. Make a top-three list. Write down the three leaders you find most influential, then list the attributes that make each of them so powerful. Tack that list up in a place you see every day as a reminder to bring those attributes into your daily life.

5. Speak with purpose. Take time to cook up what you are really thinking and want to communicate before you start filling conversational silences. You’ll be received more powerfully and become a more confident speaker.