Meredith is a dynamic speaker with 15+ years of experience as a culture and leadership consultant to fast-growth organizations—think Spotify, Goldman Sachs and SoulCycle. She’s conducted original research on employee engagement, but she’s best known for her transformative work with executives, entrepreneurs and their teams. Meredith teaches at top educational institutions, including the Esalen Institute and MIT, and is a frequent expert for media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CNBC, CNN, and Forbes.

Meredith’s professional journey began with a degree in molecular biochemistry from Reed College. It seems an unlikely start for a corporate change agent, until you consider her thesis topic: the impact of stress hormones on the health of brain cells. Meredith has long been fascinated with the inner workings of the human brain and how environmental factors impact performance. Or, more importantly: How the right environmental factors inspire excellence.

But she yearned to move past the Petri dish and into a career that’d create positive change in the real world.

As Senior Vice President at Paradigm Direct, Meredith managed a team of more than 60 employees and helped grow the firm into a $200 million company. The “on-the-court MBA” she earned during those years has been instrumental in Meredith’s consulting work: she understands firsthand clients’ organizational and leadership challenges.

Meredith began consulting for outside organizations because she wanted to share her discovery that, with the right culture, companies can unleash the soul of organization, impacting organizational performance and ultimately, the world at large. She took a break from corporate work in 2001 in order to work with and study the human brains driving business. “I wanted to understand what motivates individual human beings, not just organizations; and how to cause profound behavior and paradigm change on a personal level,” she says.

Meredith founded ThinkHuman (formerly known as the Institute for Coaching) in 2013. She’s served as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and senior executives at institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Forbes, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, FuseTV and the World Health Organization and advised in the development of life coaching education at MIT.

Premier Speaker and Management Consultant serving New York: serving New York, California, New Jersey and all across the United States, Canada and Worldwide.

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