Career Choices

Career Choices, Career Transitions

Are you looking to find that right next career move but you are not quite sure what you want to do?

Coaching can help you to identify career choices as well as to investigate what career choices will satisfy your deep needs and values.

In coaching, we start with getting an understanding from each client about what excites you about work, what do you like to do, what are your strengths, what do you want to have in your next job, what do you know you do not want in your next career move, etc. There are a lot of career choices, and sometimes we find that people jump into the next thing without doing the critical thinking necessary to help you make the best career choice for you.

In addition, your coach can help you put together a game plan to put yourself in the best position to successfully navigate your career transition. Whether it be working on networking, working with a head-hunter, job boards, etc, we will help you put together the best plan for you. We are big proponents of networking. These days we find most of our clients both identify and investigate good career choices through networking with others, but also they are finding their eventual jobs through networking. We will work with you on a plan that works for you to get you in action to make your career goals a reality.

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Our career coaches are leaders in the field of career coaching and are frequently quoted in magazines and on TV including Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Women’s Day, Reuters, NBC news, CNBC and more. We work with executives, entrepreneurs and people at all levels of their career and to navigate career choices and career transition. We are based in New York (NYC) and Los Angeles and have coaches who serve people world-wide.

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