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featuredCrash course from Keith Yamashita on the art and science of creating strategy and unleashing change

Crash course from Keith Yamashita on the art and science of creating strategy and unleashing change  Outlaw PowerPoint. Write down your vision as a story — with a beginning, middle, and end — to clarify what must change first. Don’t rely on words alone. Bring your thinking to life: Create an exhibit, use diagrams, prototype […]


featuredCulture Building Wisdom from serial founder Auren Hoffman

Culture Building Wisdom from serial founder Auren Hoffman Auren Hoffman is founder of LiveRamp, and started and sold 5 other companies (and many more that failed)   #1 = What does it take to change a large company’s culture according to serial founder Auren Hoffman It is extremely hard to change a large company’s culture for the better. […]


featuredNetflix’s culture is fantastic, but these 5 things really stand out:

Netflix’s culture is fantastic, but these 5 things really stand out   1. Adequate Performance Gets a Generous Severance Package. Nothing kills a company quicker than mediocre co-workers, and this is especially true at a start-up where there is tremendous pressure to hire key personnel. Think about a 20-person start-up with one bad employee. That […]


featuredThe BIG Money Made From Fascinating Business Rules

The Surprising Profit Impact of Addressing What’s Been Swept Under the Rug.   When I landed in Fort Lee New Jersey in my new job at age 23 in my French Connection suit, my short career history had exposed me to some work dynamics that felt crummy.  I was pretty certain that was just the […]


featuredTricky Conversations

Tricky Conversations   I was just speaking with a guy who’s wife spent $15,000 they don’t have, and this is not the first time.  He’s out of his head frustrated.  His M.O. when upset is to lose it all over whoever upset him and then go dark until he can see straight.  Different than my […]


New Workshop Dates for Meredith at Esalen

Claiming Your Voice Weekend Workshop at the famous Esalen Institute The world famous Esalen Institute is nestled on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean in gorgeous Big Sur, California Course led by Life Coach Meredith Haberfeld Some of the greatest leaps in personal development come when we stop believing that others have more access to […]


Career Choices- 10 Steps to a Successful Career Transition

Career Transition, Career Choices By Career Coach, Meredith Haberfeld Whether you’re about to be dumped out of your current position or bored to screaming point by work that used to be gratifying, one way to stay ahead of the unsettling see-saw of a career transition is careful preparation. Most people find life transitions intimidating, especially […]


Huffington Post, Living Right on a Financial Diet

Meredith Haberfeld January 2009 Oh, no, it’s the “R” word! Currently heard and seen everywhere. Call it what you will — recession, slump, downturn, it has everybody edgy and fearing the worst. It doesn’t help that we’re bombarded with messages that promote financial and job insecurity. The media thrives on perpetuating anxiety and fear. C-R-I-S-I-S. […]


City Atlantic – Expert Advice for Making 2008 Your Year

By Meredith Haberfeld for City Atlantic Winter 2007-2008 Declaring New Year’s resolutions is one thing keeping them is quite another. Most of us have a clear vision of what we want from the future, but few actually take the time to formulate a plan to achieve it. Strategy is key. The Resolution: Advance My Career […]