IĀ believe part of what brings real satisfaction is stretching oneself to put ones contribution into the world, exercising leadership, leaving a positive imprint.
Every individual and group has a legacy to leave.
Part of our personal satisfaction comes from our attention to our legacy and giving back to the community.
To that end, we are a green business conducting our business operations with the highest energy efficiency and environmental standards to keep the world we share beautiful, safe, inhabitable and thriving for future generations.

And as it relates to giving to the community tangibly it is our pleasure to provide peaking and workshops, on a pro bono or low cost basis, to non-profit organizations in service of improving our local and global community.

Please contact us with your organization name and purpose if you’d like Meredith Haberfeld to provide a workshop or speaking engagementĀ for your organization. It is our privilege to serve you.