If your news desk needs a fresh perspective on what it takes to create a thriving organizational culture, what it takes for leaders to succeed (and fail) at this, Meredith Haberfeld is a perfect choice. Meredith has been called upon as an expert and is featured on CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Reuters, NY Times, CNN and more. A seasoned, and passionate expert, Meredith’s experience spans everyday one to one coaching of Fortune 50 CEO’s to television interviews with CEO John Tisch (Beyond the Boardroom) as she offers searing business advice and her unique perspective and spot-on insights. When it comes to expertise on culture, change management, employee engagement and leadership, the media consistently turns to Meredith Haberfeld. All media and press inquiries, please contact Brooke at 800-250-3670. – See more

Some of her clients include Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Credit Suisse, the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, JP Morgan Chase, Sun Microsystems, Steiner Leisure, Fuse TV, and Cingular Wireless.

Her business background as Senior Vice President of Paradigm Direct, a $200 Million Dollar marketing services firm, managing over a team of more than sixty employees, makes her incredibly effective in developing culture, other leaders, performance & profitability.

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