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The Surprising Profit Impact of Addressing What’s Been Swept Under the Rug.


When I landed in Fort Lee New Jersey in my new job at age 23 in my French Connection suit, my short career history had exposed me to some work dynamics that felt crummy.  I was pretty certain that was just the nature of work.

I was blessed to have found myself there in NJ (ha!) working for a crazy-good business man, who made a lot of money for himself and the people around him, and who taught me that when you sweep things under the carpet you get lumpy carpets — and that’s very bad for business.

Dave said what was in the unsaid, and it was a gift.

He taught me:

–>  gossip and being suppressed are both uncool.

–>  to find the courage and grace to bring up, and work out, issues you have with anyone in the office-directly with that person!!!

–>  if you can’t sort it out together — get support to help you.

->  funky ‘Dave-isms’ like “don’t judge what you don’t understand” and that your perspective is only that, a perspective, and “getting in someone else’s world” to understand their point of view makes life and business work wa-ay better.

–>  if you find a way to say it well, you can say almost everything.

–>  if you really look for your part in the crummy dynamic equation and own it, the dynamic starts to change…fast.

–>  when you say what’s in the unsaid – everyone frees up, gets their energy back and can make incredibly cool stuff happen together.

It can be scary to address the truth. Waaay.

Dealing with the honest, risky, and sometimes painful conversations I learned is a matter of finding enough inner shreds of courage and grace.

Twenty-something that I was, I got to build that company, with those rules, along side him into a $200 million dollar business.  Sick opportunity, right?

So does this scare the sh&*t out of you?  Have you already been running your professional life this way?  Does it seem ridiculous?  Inspire you?  What say you?