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Public Course
Claiming Your Voice

Location: Esalen Institute, Big Sur California

Workshop size is limited So please reserve your space now. 

Weekend Intensive Workshop size is limited So please reserve your space now.

Some of the greatest leaps in personal development come when we stop believing that others have more access to deep wisdom than we do, have superior opinions to ours, or hold sway over us when we finally know at the end of the day that we can trust ourselves.

This workshop addresses many aspects of claiming your voice in writing, inquiry, and, most importantly, in daily life through the choices you make in it. This weekend intensive will help you gain access to your many inner voices as well as different aspects of your character, many of which you suppress and ignore, but which can each provide important insights and wisdom in your everyday life. Get comfortable in your own skin.

You will deepen your ability to hear yourself and all that there is to hear. What does your body say about how you feel right now? What do your emotions have to tell you? What feelings and messages have you been resisting? This workshop will teach you to allow them to surface so you can come deeper into your own power. You will gain confidence in knowing your truth and speaking your truth with conviction and passion. This workshop is for anyone of any age ready to sink into the experience of being and trusting yourself.

Workshop size is limited So please reserve your space now.

What people are saying about Meredith’s Retreats and Workshops:

Thank you for a most insightful weekend and for the inspiration & direction that I had been seeking! Sandi, Cresskill, NJ

I want to thank you..for the care and energy you shared with us over this past weekend. It was a truly touching experience for me I am equipped with the power and tools to live my life fully and want to thank you for facilitating this Since the workshop I’ve talked to my partner openly and reached a level of intimacy that I never have before with a man. Lauryn, NYC

Thank you for helping me get in touch with my true self again I can’t believe how tightly wrapped up I had gotten in this awful web..I just wanted to get out but didn’t know quite how to let go. I felt that endorphin free feeling in my heart that I can remember only feeling in particular times in my life that were all so long ago. April P, physical therapist, California

I value your advice and guidance.I got all that I expected from the weekend and more. I have made a huge step towards recovery from my emotional trauma since the weekend Ommar, physician, Chicago, IL

I went into it not really knowing what to expect. I had already been doing some work on myself but I felt lost I have now found my voice. It’s soft and calm. I have surprised myself because that’s not how I sound at home with my kids and perhaps my husband. Now, I like my voice. I have been consciously allowing its presence ever since I left (the workshop) and I feel good about it. Thank you so much. Suman, Vancouver BC

This retreat is a new beginning to how I see myself and honor myself. I learned how to listen to myself and more importantly I learned why I should trust what I have to say AC, New York

This workshop enriched my life, eased my anxiety. It was a form of medicine for me mentally and emotionally. I have a whole new relaxed me. Jeanette, New York

In this retreat I finally learned that I am enough! I am not what I do and I have lots to give! Thank you! Marisa, New York

Thank you for helping me discover my self again. This retreat was one of the best things that I have had the opportunity to participate. Leslie S, veterinarian, Colorado

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