Choosing a Life Coach Training Program

We believe the best way to become a Life Coach is to take a certification training program approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Different ICF approved Life Coach training programs may have very different approaches. Some are distance learning, which generally means you can do it all by phone and some are in person, and still some are a mix of both. In addition, pricing varies across programs.

We recommend that you research on the web and find a Life Coach training program that resonates with you. And then, don’t be afraid to ask to speak to some past students or instructors. This is a big investment and if you really love your program, then your chance to stick with it and become a great Life Coach are greater.

Below are two Life Coach Training Programs that we suggest simply because we have heard many great things about them However they are not the only two. And way at the bottom of this page, we’ve included a link to the ICF so that you can see all of the Life Coach training programs that are approved by the ICF and hence they are all programs which can lead you to ICF certification.

Life Coach Training Programs We Like:

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC):

The anchor of iPEC’s Coach Training program is the face-to-face, 3-day weekend intensive training. During the course of the training, you will participate in four of these weekends (a.k.a. Modules I, II, III and IV). In depth descriptions of the modules are provided below.

In addition to the face-to-face modules, you will coach peers and receive coaching from peers during the course, providing you both the practice and the client experience in the coaching relationship. Each student also works with an ICF-accredited, PCC-level mentor coach (provided by iPEC and included within your tuition), he/she will read a series of coaching-specific books, attend weekly 2-hour teleclasses on a wide variety of topics related to coaching, and present a personal class project (live, written, teleclass, audio, etc.) which can be of use to the other students in the class.

As part of your training you receive 2 levels of certification — first your designation as a certified life coach, and second as an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach (the masters level coaching program that includes an assessment tool and full development system for life and corporate clients).

We also recommend Coachville as a path to become a Life Coach…

Coachville Life Coach Training Program

Rigorous, fast-paced, highly structured coach training for anyone who wants a fast track to masterful coaching.

The program is based on the Coach-Two-Win method developed by Master Coach Dave Buck and several programs developed by the late Thomas J. Leonard – the founding father of professional coaching. It uses a powerful learning model that includes regular demonstration, observation and critique by certified life coaches.

Upon graduation of the program you will be poised to earn the CV Certified Coach designation and apply for Certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

You can search all of the ICF Life Coach Training Programs on the ICF web site:

Good luck on your path to becoming an awesome Life Coach. It is a wonderful and rewarding profession and we wish you the best!