If your news desk needs a quick wit, sharp mind and a fresh perspective on what it takes to succeed (and fail) in the workplace and have a balanced healthy life while you’re at it, Meredith Haberfeld is a perfect choice.

Meredith has been called upon as an expert and is featured on CNBC, MTV, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Reuters, PlumTV, Women’s Day, Glamour, Daily Candy, Bottom Line and more.

A seasoned, and passionate expert, Meredith’s experience spans everyday one to one coaching of Fortune 50 CEO’s to television interviews with CEO John Tisch (Beyond the Boardroom) as she offers searing business advice and her unique perspective and spot-on insights.

When it comes to expertise on professionals, career limiting behaviors, and balancing life and career, the media consistently turns to Meredith Haberfeld.

All media and press inquiries, please contact Robert at 800-250-3670.