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What are you brewing up this year?

For 2014 I have given myself two meta-themes.  For my professional life: Transformation Is Alive.  This is about dealing with all it will take to have the baseline for this business be to deliver only ‘holy wow’ impact to you.  For my personal life: I Thrive, My Family Thrives.  This one is about seeing to it that, as a working parent, I am rocking out with a full tank so I have even more juice to give to my gang (my kids, my partner & YOU) also rocking out to the fullest.

Making up a theme may be goofy, and of course I have no idea what will be thrown at me to contend with and what kind of impact that’s going to have.  But coming up with what the year is about is a CREATIVE ACT – the outcome of which is real – and acts a beacon flashing through the fog.  We keep resetting our compass by it – freshly looking at what is needed to bring that thing more fully ALIVE.  This is beyond a bunch of actions.  This creates a landscape inside of which we build.

A theme pulled from the heart sees to it that the year is about more than the results for our ego, and more than that asked of us by others, but keeps us true to what matters most to us.  It has redemption in it.  Big freaking responsibility being the artist of one’s own life.  Pick up your paintbrush.  What are YOU creating?  I want to know.